Ateres High School for Girls
Savannah, Georgia


Indeed, crowning achievements for a Bas Torah and for the institution that enabled her to attain them.

Nestled in the tranquil and charming Southern Jewish Community of Savannah, Georgia, Ateres High School for Girls is an attractive high school option for a young woman looking for a nurturing, growth-oriented environment coupled with inspiring and experienced Torah teachers.


Ateres High School for Girls is currently in its first year of operations, under the tutelage of a faculty with over 40 years of successful experience in the classroom and more than two decades in administration.

Over the past twenty years, Savannah has sent more than thirty young ladies to various cities around the country to afford them the opportunity to continue their growth as Bnos Torah in a proper Torah environment. We established our high school in response to local girls desiring to remain home for their high school years.

academic excellence

We aim to provide a superior education through our challenging dual curriculum. We encourage our students to flourish in their ruchnius and mature into fine and responsible young adults


Our students are embraced by the natural warmth of Southerners. Our school environment mirrors this nurturing and welcoming sense of community and belonging.

rich & varied programming

Numerous extra-curricular programs and activities, including G.O. and community service programs are an integral part of our girls' formative high school experience

Decades of Experience

The stellar faculty and staff at Ateres High School for Girls are dedicated to ensuring that our students experience their high school years in a nurturing, challenging and enjoyable environment

our mission statement

Ateres High School for Girls is an exemplary Jewish girls’ high school, with a vision to inspire each student to grow in their Torah knowledge; thus, enabling each young lady to fulfill her intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and leadership potential. Ensuring strong Limudai Kodesh and Secular studies, our girls will be prepared to make meaningful contributions to their communities and Klal Yisroel.

Please inquire about our significant academic and
financial scholarships which are available for our students.

With Honors classes and AP courses available in all grades, our SACS accreditation reflects our superior educational opportunities. Extra-curricular programs and activities, including G.O. and Community Service initiatives, create a wholesome experience for our girls throughout their high school years.

We Are Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools