About Us

We’re a new “out-of-town” high school option for girls and this year is, indeed, our first year of operations. However, this fact belies the decades of experience and a host of dedicated teachers that we offer to our student body.

Ateres High School for Girls is currently in its second year, under the tutelage and direction of an administration with over 40 years of successful experience in the classroom and over twenty years experience in administration.

Over the past twenty years, Savannah has sent over thirty young ladies to various cities around the country to afford them the opportunity to continue their growth as a Bas Torah in a proper Torah environment. We established our high school in response to local girls desiring to remain home for their high school years.


The close-knit Savannah Jewish community is a wonderful, nurturing environment – perfect for a young woman to thrive. Our locals are excited to have Bais Yaakov girls give back by infusing the Savannah community with their own chessed, warmth and vibrant growth.

a non-judgemental approach

The stellar faculty and staff at Ateres High School for Girls are dedicated to ensuring that our students experience their high school years in a nurturing, challenging and enjoyable environment.​

a personal focus on each student

Our small class sizes allow us to meet the diverse academic and social needs of our students. A low teacher to student ratio allows for a special closeness between teachers and students, making each individual feel connected.

A Letter of Approbation from Beth Medrash Govoha